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Hardware Division

The hardware division of Sureweld grew organically as demand for a broader range of products increased. Already a stockist of abrasive cutting and grinding discs and wheels, battery chargers, vices and garage equipment such as bottle jacks, trolley jacks etc. Due to regular enquiries we then added items such as files, rasps, drill bits ( cobalt, HSS, SDS, Blacksmith ), Holesaws, hacksaws, Screwdrivers ( standard and VDE ), Combination spanners, Stilson and adjustable wrenches, Hammers, Pliers et. etc.

We also began a line of auto tools and measuring equipment including pneumatic tools, calipers, socket sets, lamps and torches, spirit levels, gauges ..

the list is exhaustive. It is our pleasure to represent such prestigious manufacturers as Ruko, Metrica, NWS, Laser Tools, Kamasa to mention just a few.

Special Offers

Timing Tool Set BMW 1.6
You save: €187.59
Preweld Max
You save: €1.64
Timing Lock Tool Set - VAG
You save: €58.23
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