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The Education Division of Sureweld was introduced and developed in response to the many enquiries that were being received from second level educationalists for product that we stocked and which had application in the Engineering, Technical and Woodworking schoolrooms around the country.Already stockists of items such as hand files, rasps, vices, rules, engineer's squares, try-squares, scribers, centre punches, jenny calipers, firmer chisels, bevel chisels, hacksaws, universal bevels, protractors, surface gauges, v-block and clamps, vernier caliper, micrometers, gauges such as feeler, radius, drill ,wire and screw pitch. Also required in the engineering schoolrooms were other items that we carried in stock : sets of number stamps and letter stamps, pin punches, cylinder trolley, welding kits, G cramps, spot welding guns, mobile tool cabinets .... and on the list goes. On the machinery side of things we already carried the required centre lathe, vertical bandsaw, scroll saw, horizontal bandsaw, double-ended pedestal grinder, lever shearing machine, double ended polishing machine, pedestal drill, CNC educational training lathe, Box and Pan folding machine, Treadle Guillotine, MIG Welding set, Electric Arc welding set and the spot welding gun. In order to fill out the product range so that we could cater for all required items on the ENGM and Tech lists ( including t4 in the classroom ) we developed strong relationships with the manufacturers C R Clarke, Flamefast and Denford ( among others ) and now are in a position to supply the other machines and accessories demanded : Denford 2600 PRO CNC 3 Axis Training Router, CNC Vinyle cutter, Tensile tester, Injection Moulding Machine, Brazing Hearth, Soldering Iron Heating Stove, Gas fired Kiln, Vacuum Forming machine, Plastic Dip Coating unit, Thermoplastic sheet strip heater, Hot wire sculptor, a full range of smith's tongs, soldering irons, folding bars, hammers ( plannishing, raising, collet, blocking, doming and repousse),  mallets ( plastic faced, copper and hide, boxwood and bossing), sandbags, doming blocks along with repousse punches and dotting punches. In this division we have built up strong relationships with companies such as Denford, Emco, C R Clarke, Flamefast, Bludan - instantly recognisable by teachers and lecturers as manufacturers of the highest quality products in their respective fields.

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